A Chipped Tooth Needs to Be Examined and Treated by a Dentist

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There are a variety of things that can cause a chip on one of your teeth. This can come in the form of something traumatic like a sports injury, or suffering from a hard fall around the house. At the same time, people who grind their teeth at night on a frequent basis, or who have a bad habit of improvising their teeth to open packages and cut string can also be at increased risk of suffering a minor dental fracture.

Even if the incident doesn’t cause you any initial pain or sensitivity, you should still have the chipped tooth examined by a reputable dentist like Dr. Stan Scalf. After a brief examination and X-rays to determine the severity of the damage to the tooth, he can present you with the most applicable treatment method.

If the chip or dental fracture only affect a single surface of the tooth, Dr. Scalf might be able to repair it a simple dental filling. However, a more significant dental fracture might not leave enough healthy tooth enamel in the area to anchor a dental filling.

In a case like this, Dr. Scalf might recommend a dental crown restoration. This mode of treatment will completely replace the tooth’s enamel layer with an alternate material that will rival the structural integrity of natural tooth enamel.

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