If gum disease has caused your teeth to loosen, then you may want to visit the practice of Stan Scalf DMD for periodontal splinting. Our dentist and team will secure your teeth in place so you can have a strong, healthy smile once again. Please call our office today if you would like to learn more about periodontal splinting in Georgetown, Kentucky.

One of the more serious effects of gum disease is gum and bone tissue loss. This problem can result in tooth loss since it is the gum and jaw bone tissues that surround and protect teeth, keeping them firmly in place. Tooth loss, in turn, can have several negative effects, including an altered appearance, difficulty chewing and speaking, and further jaw bone loss. In order to prevent your teeth from falling out, we offer periodontal splinting.

In short, a periodontal splint holds several loose teeth together. Because they are bonded together, the teeth have an extra means of support so they will not fall out. Additionally, splinting the teeth creates a single front that evenly distributes bite forces, further preventing the risk for tooth loss. We may use a wire or a reinforced fiber to splint your loose teeth together. Contact our office if you need to benefit from periodontal splinting.