A Partial Denture Can Help Replace the Basic Function of Multiple Knocked Out Teeth

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Athletic injuries and automotive collisions that result in a hard blow to the mouth can sometimes carry enough force to knock out multiple teeth. Even if these teeth could be saved by an emergency root canal, other medical treatment might take priority. This could end up requiring the remaining dental roots to be extracted during emergency care.

Once you have healed and you’re ready, Dr. Stan Scalf can help you understand your options for restoring your missing teeth.

If you’re uncomfortable with the oral surgery involved with a dental implant supported bridge restoration, he might recommend replacing basic function and appearance of your missing teeth with a partial denture.

This is a special removable dental appliance that mimics the appearance and function of your natural teeth. Each replica tooth will be set into a pink material that approximate healthy gum tissues. If necessary the partial denture might also include hardware to lock them with the adjacent teeth.

Dr. Stan Scalf will need to create a detailed impression of the area. This includes the surrounding gums, neighboring teeth, and the corresponding teeth in your dentition. It will then be sent to a dental lab where your partial denture will be created from special dental material.

If you live in the Georgetown, Kentucky, area and you have lost multiple teeth to a severe dental trauma, you should not delay in calling 502-863-9340 to seek treatment at Stan Scalf DMD.