A Progressive Review of Tooth Stain Treatments

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Everyone wants a beautiful and radiant smile to show in social situations, but many patients struggle with cosmetic imperfections in their smiles such as stains and discoloration caused by dental fillings. The good news is that cosmetic dentistry can help them find the cosmetic solutions they need to enjoy the smiles they have always wanted.

At Stan Scalf DMD, our highly trained and experienced dentist is pleased to offer several cosmetic dentistry treatments. Dr. Stan Scalf can help you choose the right procedure for your smile based on the type of tooth stain you are struggling with.

Mild surface stains caused by the transfer of pigments from dark foods and drinks may call for a retail whitening product, and you are welcome to visit our dentist to identify the underlying cause of your tooth stains so that you can determine which commercial whitening method is right for your teeth.

A high-quality store-bought whitening product may be enough to treat mild to moderate stains, but its potency and efficacy will not match that of the professional teeth whitening treatments offered at Stan Scalf DMD.

If your tooth stains are accompanied by unattractive dental fillings or chipped teeth, you want want to consider an alternative to teeth whitening, such as porcelain dental veneers. These cosmetic shells cover the faces on your front teeth and are custom created in a dental lab to provide a personalized appearance for your smile.

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