Avoid the Following Risky Treats and Sweets

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Food and drinks can contain sugars and carbohydrates that, when bacteria are present in your mouth, can be transformed into harmful acids that eat through your precious tooth enamel. Even foods that have naturally occurring sugars, such as honey, can still damage your teeth. To avoid the harmful effects these acids have on your mouth, minimize the amount of these ingredients you consume.

Sour sweets and treats are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to acidic content. They are so acidic, that with some brands, the pH can be as acidic as car battery acid! Even foods we think of as healthy, including citrus fruits and tomatoes, can have a high acidity. To minimize the effects the acids can have on your teeth, always eat these foods during big meals and never as standalone snacks.

Many types of foods and snacks can also put your mouth at risk of physical damage. Hard candies and tough foods such as popcorn balls can easily chip and crack your teeth. Exercise caution when eating these products, or if you can, avoid them all together. These foods can also stick to your teeth easier and be much harder to remove. Just like sticky gummies and sweets, when food residue lingers in your mouth, plaque buildup and tooth erosion can occur.

Start eating healthier so your smile can last as long as you do. If you need an oral examination or a bi-annual professional cleaning, Dr. Stan Scalf and our team at Stan Scalf DMD will make sure that your smile is properly treated. To schedule an oral exam or professional cleaning at our dentist office in Georgetown, Kentucky, please contact us at 502-863-9340. Let us craft you the smile you’ve been waiting for!