Creative Tooth Fairy Treasures if Money Isn’t Your Favorite Option

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Sometimes parents don’t favor the idea of their children being awarded with money when they lose a tooth. No matter the reasons, they try to avoid it as much as possible. Fortunately, there are other ways the Tooth Fairy can reward your child, and our dentist, Dr. Stan Scalf, is happy to tell you all about those ways.

The first way is by giving foreign coins. This can add a little mystery to the Tooth Fairy. You can even tell your child that she travels to certain areas of the world to get coins just for them. All you need to do is purchase a few bags of coins (which are only a few dollars online) and replace your children’s teeth with mysterious coins for many years to come.

The second way is by giving glass beads or marbles. Children love shiny things, and glass beads and marbles are both shiny! This would be a perfect treasure from the Tooth Fairy. Who knows—if your child collects enough marbles, you both can learn how to play marbles. Your child can also craft their own beaded jewelry with the beads the Tooth Fairy leaves behind.

The third way is by giving stickers. Whether you decide to give your child one sticker at a time or a whole set of stickers, this idea is timeless. Children love stickers, especially character and movie-themed stickers. This might even prove how hip the Tooth Fairy is.

If you have any questions about what the Tooth Fairy can give instead of money, please contact our dental team in Georgetown, Kentucky, at 502-863-9340. When you reach Stan Scalf DMD, feel free to ask any question you have. We also encourage you to schedule an appointment for your child if they are due for their next checkup. We look forward to helping you!