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It is a good idea to assume that tooth hazards can happen at any time. Even though your teeth and gums are often well protected if you take the necessary steps, there’s always more you could be doing to prevent further oral accidents or injuries from occurring. In addition, it’s always a good idea to have a tooth hazard prevention plan in place to follow to ensure that your smile has the best chance for oral health success.

Proper oral health care begins with implementing safe and effective eating routines. To limit the risk of dental dangers associated with tooth hazards in your life, never use your smile for any task for which is not assigned. In addition, be aware of every product that goes into your mouth, and the risks that it may present. Also, know all the risks of foods and drinks you’re consuming and how they could potentially affect your overall health. In the case of many drinks, stains and discolorations can arise all the time. Even popular drinks such as coffee or red wine are known for causing stains and tooth discoloration.

Furthermore, by chewing on bottles, pen caps, or even your nails, you can be splitting and cracking your teeth on a microscopic level. Not only that, chewing on inedible products can chip and crack your teeth, and even knock teeth completely out. Always exercise caution with lifestyle habits that use your smile in ways that are not their natural intent. Furthermore, exercise caution with bad habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco, as they considerably impair or help lead to bad breath, stain your teeth, and eventually cause tooth loss and cancer.

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