Maximizing Your Smile with Plaque Buildup Prevention

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Do you feel you’re doing enough to keep your smile safe from all the risks associated with plaque buildup? Plaque buildup is a thin layer of bacteria and debris that often ends up on your teeth and gums if you routinely forgo the use of an effective oral hygiene routine. Make sure you’re always brushing and flossing each day and implementing non-abrasive cleaning tools to rinse out your mouth after eating. Frequently asked questions about plaque are as follows:

Question: What does plaque buildup refer to?
Answer: Plaque buildup is a condition in which a substance consisting of debris and bacteria forms on your tooth enamel.

Question: What are some of the benefits of removing plaque buildup?
Answer: By removing plaque buildup, you can lower your risk for gum disease and tooth decay. Plaque buildup has been shown to convert substances such as sugars and starches into harmful acids that eat through your tooth enamel, so plaque must be eliminated.

Question: What is one of the best methods for clearing away plaque buildup?
Answer: Always take the time to visit your dentist for routine checkups and examinations to assess any damage that may be occurring with your smile. They can even provide professional cleanings to keep your teeth and gums free of debris.

Question: What are the negative effects of plaque buildup?
Answer: If left untreated, plaque buildup can lead to eventual tooth death.

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