The Roots of Your Teeth Can Eventually Be Compromised by Chronic Periodontal Disease

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Periodontal disease is often promoted by hardened tartar left in your mouth by inconsistent oral hygiene practices. Early signs of the mild gum inflammation of gingivitis might involve gums that bleed easily or look inflamed and bad breath problems.

Without treatment from a dentist like Dr. Stan Scalf, gingivitis can gradually worsen into the more severe form of periodontal disease which is known as periodontitis. This chronic gum condition can cause your gums to gradually recede from the base of your teeth. This can cause small pockets of infection to accumulate deep in your gums near the roots of your teeth.

The constant bacterial presence in these areas can gradually start to compromise the relationship between your teeth and the underlying bone structure. As time goes on the structural integrity of your dental roots can start to weaken as the teeth disassociate with your oral structure.

In time, it could lead to multiple cases of tooth loss as well as other oral health complications. It’s also worth noting that recent research has found a relationship between certain medical conditions, like heart disease or diabetes and the systemic inflammation of chronic periodontal disease.

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