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A small cavity can develop on one of your teeth if you frequently forget to brush your teeth twice each day or you are remiss to floss at least once each evening. Once an area of tooth enamel experiences significant demineralization the oral bacterial living in your mouth can be quick to exploit it.

As the area of tooth decay continues to expand and deepen, you may experience a gradually worsening toothache. In time it might also be accompanied by a worsening feeling of pain or pressure in the underlying gum tissues.

These are potential symptoms of a developing dental abscess which requires you to seek timely treatment from a dentist like Dr. Stan Scalf.

In many of these cases he can treat the tooth by performing a root canal to excise all compromised structures from the core of the tooth. Once this is done our dentist and staff will prepare an abutment capable of supporting a dental crown.

If necessary, this treatment plan might include draining the fluid from the dental abscess. Follow up care will likely include a course of prescription strength antibiotics and pain medications which need to be taken as directed for maximum effect.

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